Launching your business online gives you the chance to benefit from many advantages gained from connecting your network to Internet. But going online has its disadvantages. The most fatal problem that should be addressed with extra care is security. Security in any systems should be commensurate with its risks. However, the process to determine which security controls are appropriate and effective is quite often a complex and sometimes a subjective matter. One of the prime functions of security risk analysis is to put this process onto a more objective basis. Cryptography is large field by itself and undergoing significant changes since computers have arrived. Encryption has been around for centuries and takes
 many forms. With the advent of computers the ability to scramble the message has increased exponentially.


     For Banking Security The Spark Provide The Host Security Module  (HSM) is the latest incarnation of the Hardware Security Modules family, it takes the HSM forward in terms of performance and validated security for Banking and Financial transaction processing.  The HSM utilises technology that has been formally validated to the most stringent security standard (FIPS 140-2 Level 3). In addition the HSM 8000 is MEPS II approved for use on the French banking networks. Primarily designed to address the ATM/EFTPOS market and back office security services, the HSM 8000 provides all the functionality to address the needs of acquirers, switches and issuers for the processing of magnetic stripe and chip card transactions (EMV). It has been integrated with all the leading software addressing this market. This new range is evidence of Thales commitment to the ongoing development of the HSM platform. It is backward compatible with the RG7000 range of HSMs and provides a range of market-leading new benefits. The HSM  range offers a range of performance options up to 800tps (PIN block translates per second). There are two build variants.

  • The standard build variant offers Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), and RS232 (Async and SNA) communications.
  • The ESCON build variant offers ESCON, Ethernet (TCP/IP and UDP), and RS232 (Async and SNA) communications.
The functionality is delivered as licensed software modules on a CD with associated activation license.
  Archiving Systems :    
  The DIAS (Digital Information Archiving System) solution provides a flexible and scalable open deposit library solution for storing and retrieving massive amounts of electronic documents and multimedia files. It conforms with the ISO Reference OAIS standard and supports physical and logical digital preservation. The DIAS solution allows the manual as well as automated ingest of digital information (assets) into the system. Once the asset is successfully stored it will be maintained and preserved.
Preservation functionality will be enhanced in future DIAS versions to give signals for stored assets which must be converted or migrated to keep it available for use. Stored assets can be accessed either via a web based interface (for assets having standard file types) or via a specific work environment on a Reference Workstation. Any organization that has the need to store and keep available digital information over many years such as Deposit Libraries, National Archives, Governmental Institutions, Pharmaceuticals, Banks and Insurance Companies Spark can provide the Solutions.